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Reading & Literacy Program

‘I Love Reading’ or ‘ILR’ is a unique literacy program designed to facilitate the rapid learning of reading English.

This program takes the complexity out of the English language and makes decoding words easier and faster by helping early learners to grasp the English language from a young age.

The I Love Reading program takes the English Phonetic Code, technology developed by the Mamone family, and packages it into a practical and easily understood resource for literacy development.

Through the ILR program, students quickly move from ‘Learning to Read’ to ‘Reading to Learn’. From here, the rate of learning increases and the learning environment becomes a place of engaged students exploring educational concepts, skills and ideas, years ahead of their expected levels.

For more information, please download our I Love Reading Flyer.

teacher helping boy learn to read at Kool Beanz

How does ILR fit within the Early Years Learning Framework?

I Love Reading involves short, sharp sessions of intentional teaching of skills to facilitate the reading process.

This approach gives increased opportunities for creativity, open ended investigation and student driven learning. ILR helps develop a learning environment which fosters effective communication and encourages children to be confident and involved learners.

The ILR Program can be easily integrated with all the components of an early childhood friendly program, filled with rich, real life and hands-on experiences.

learning to read with charts at Kool Beanz

How can parents support their child’s ILR journey?

  • Read with your child at every opportunity.
  • Display ILR resources at home for easy reference.
  • Have fun decoding everyday words that you see, together.
  • Discuss alternative spellings of the sounds you read.
  • Have a variety of reading material available: recipes, fliers, instructions, packaging, fiction and non-fiction books.
  • Have fun rhyming together
  • Celebrate with your child along their reading journey.
Mum helping girl learn to read at home

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