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Happy Thoughts – Yoga & Mindfulness With Miss Karen

02 Nov 2023

When children practice yoga it increases their confidence, builds concentration and strengthens growing bodies. 

For children with behavioural issues, yoga can improve their impulses in a positive direction and provides them with an outlet as a way to manage their behaviour.

Yoga teaches how the body and mind are inter connected and how we should be aware of our selves. When children are engaged, focused, having fun, while practicing yoga, they are in the present moment. This self-awareness of both body and mind helps children to be cautious in any situation.

It also teaches children that we are all the same inside, despite our outward appearance, culture, and religion. We all have bodies that function, hearts that love, and feelings that feel. Yoga inspires children to be kind, patient, accepting, and emphatic with themselves and their peers.

Practice yoga with Miss Karen at home to build on what the children learn here at Kool Beanz Academy.