Early Childcare Education

Living with autism – Ky’s story

02 Nov 2023

This week our management team were lucky enough to be invited to the premier screening of two new films. The first in the series, Ky’s story: Living With Autism was launched in 2016.

This delightful film, the brainchild of Ky’s father William, was presented and narrated by actor Hugo Weaving and looked at the key characteristics of autism as experienced by his 16-year-old nephew Ky Greenwood.

Premiering at HOTA on Wednesday night the two new films to the series Ky’s Story: Growing with Autism and Ky’s Story: My Sister Jorja navigate what it is like to live with Autism from both Ky and Jorja’s perspectives.  Ky is now an outgoing and confident young man, happy to share his journey into adulthood. While Ky’s uncle, actor Hugo Weaving, narrated the first film, this time Ky takes the lead as he shares his story with Hugo and the viewer – his final years at school and subsequent graduation, starting work, getting his driver’s license and more.

And now it’s time to hear from Ky’s sister, Jorja as she tells the often-unheard story of what it is like to grow up with a sibling on the spectrum.

Our partnership with Autism Queensland means our Queensland childcare centres provide an opportunity for families to access evidence-informed early childhood assessment and therapy services.  We provide an opportunity for your child to receive additional support through higher child-to-staff ratios and our educators are specifically trained with the skills to help educate children with diverse needs in an inclusive environment.

Children with a disability or developmental delay and their families will receive the support they need with an approach to help build a child’s capacity and supports greater inclusion in community and everyday settings.  A child’s early years are very important as they set up how they will learn and develop later in life.  Our early childhood approach focusses on being both family-centered and strengths-based.

Our early childhood approach aims to:

  • provide timely support to ensure that you are able to access the supports you need
  • give you information about best-practice early childhood intervention supports and how you can help your child
  • increase your confidence and capacity to manage and respond to your child’s support needs
  • increase your child’s ability to do activities they need or want to do throughout their day
  • increase your child’s inclusion and participation in mainstream and community settings
  • give you information about, and referrals to, other support services if needed, like parent support groups

These films are presented by Autism Queensland in partnership with LiveLab at Griffith Film School.