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The benefits of going organic

02 Nov 2023

As you know, we have recently been working with Sanctum skincare recently, offering testers and free products to our families. We have had such a wave of positive feedback since and can’t thank the generosity of Sanctum enough.

There are endless reasons why we love this skincare range, but their ethics and affordability are what caught our eye first. With so many other benefits, make sure you read on to find out for yourself.

Sanctum has been a family-owned and run business located in the Northern Rivers since 1992. Their founders, Greg and Jicky Milham, started making natural skincare when the natural movement first emerged. Always looking to be at the forefront and fully transparent in their processes and production, the entire range became Certified Organic back in 2006.

 Better for your health, better for the environment

Certified Organic means no pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and other additives or chemicals which can be related to health concerns. Some non-organic ingredients used in skincare products can be potentially toxic to humans and may cause serious health issues. The World Health Organisation (WHO) explains that these health concerns could include cancer, effects on repro

duction, and immune and nervous systems. Supporting the Certified Organic industry is the best way to protect your health. Our skin is our largest organ and many reactions, redness and sensitivities can be caused by chemicals such as fragrances or parabens.

Did you know that the word “organic” is not regulated in Australia?

You can find products claiming to be organic with only 2% of the ingredients being so. Sanctum is committed to transparency is why they list the percentage of organic ingredients on each product. They make all their products with over 70% Certified Organic ingredients, and most have over 95% organic content.

A product is genuinely organic if it displays an organic certification logo because it means it has been strictly audited throughout the production chain. So, it’s essential to always look for a certification mark and read the labels for complete ingredient lists if unsure.

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Sanctum’s entire range is Certified Organic, and no product over $45. They make sure every family can access safe and affordable skincare products.

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