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Babies Room

Our babies’ rooms are intended to be an extension of the home, to ease your little one’s transition from home to childcare.

The educators in our babies’ rooms focus predominantly on supporting children to achieve developmental milestones in physical, cognitive & language areas.

From fine motor skills such as grabbing, pinching, and transferring objects from hand to hand, to gross motor skills like rolling, crawling and even taking steps.

To support cognitive growth, we incorporate mirrors, water play, musical instruments in our day, and of course have plenty of story time. Through songs, nursery rhymes and conversations, our educators support infant language development.

The nurturing feel of our babies’ rooms and gentle approach from our educators will make you and your little one feel safe, secure, and supported from your orientation to your graduation.

For further information regarding our babies rooms, please get in touch with us!

early learning centre

Toddler Rooms

A primary focus of our toddler room is building secure attachments between educators and children. Through consistency of educators, familiar routines, and open communication, we aim to bridge the gap between home and childcare, supporting the children’s confidence and trust in the care environment.

Creativity, exploration, and imagination are a focus of our toddler rooms. You will see activities such as finger painting, playdough, pasting and slime – the wonderful ‘messy play’ which supports fine motor skills, expression, and imagination.

Music, dancing, dramatic play, and art help our toddlers develop their senses through exploration and enable the children to express and communicate their feelings, process the world around them and explore thoughts and fantasies.

To enrol your child, please reach out to us today!

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Junior Kindy Rooms

With the Junior Kindy age group, we focus largely on supporting children’s social and emotional growth. Children in this rooms age group tend to experience very strong emotions but may have not yet learned the skills to process or control these new and sometimes overwhelming feelings.

Verbal communication and expressing feelings, needs, wants and frustrations is a focal point in the room.

Developing co-ordination and motor skills is encouraged through the introduction of our sports program, Future Champs. The program offers hand-eye coordination games, obstacle courses as well as working together in pairs or small groups.

Each child’s independence and responsibility is encouraged, such as self-serving at meal times, dressing themselves, toileting, caring for the environment and looking after their peers.

For information on how your child may benefit from Junior Kindy at Kool Beanz, give us a call now!

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Senior Kindy Rooms

Our play-based program in the Senior Kindy room incorporates early literacy and mathematical concepts, social and emotional development, independence, and responsibility.

The preparation for the preschool year starts now, and our literacy program ILR (I Love Reading) is in full swing.

The children tend to explore identity concepts and dramatic play such as dressing up, imaginative play with characters, puppets, plays and storytelling. Our educators can often be heard starting sentences with ‘I wonder..?’ to promote cognitive development in this age group.

The curiosity of children prompts a lot of enquiry-based learning, which we are able to do in one our specialist rooms. Either the Library, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) or Art rooms.
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The year before a child starts school is an important time for us to secure the foundations for a love of learning. We not only promote ‘school readiness’ in our preschool program, but also ‘life-readiness’.

Through predictable routines, familiar resources, research/project based learning and regular group experiences, our children are encouraged to learn and develop important skills such as looking after their peers, keeping safe, responsibility for own belongings, listening and understanding of others, turn taking and empathy.

Throughout the preschool year, we teach the children important school elements such as sitting still/concentration, listening and following instructions as well as to identify and communicating their feelings.

Children are encouraged to sign in each day (supporting early literacy) and we introduce a ‘homework program’ to encourage families to get involved in their child’s learning journey.

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