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I Am Always Trying. At Kool Beanz, our little beanz LOVE to practice yoga and mindfulness with Miss Karen from Bend and Stretch Wellness. Today, we focus on the affirmation; ‘I am always trying’. In todays yoga session, we focus on our deep breathing exercises while practicing some of our favourite poses. These poses are;...


Children come into contact with germs every day. We as child care providers are always vigilant when it comes to the hygiene of our staff, children and centre environments. It is important that we teach our children how germs spread and why hand washing is so vital. Handwashing is easy, inexpensive, effective, and a simple...

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We focus on getting your children better prepared for school both socially and emotionally. We inspire their imaginations with innovative, leading-edge, play-based learning programs. Our interactive program is unique to Kool Beanz Academy, giving your child an exciting, rare experience.

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